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Essentra Components Expands into Vietnam with APAC TEAM

(February, 2022) Essentra Components, the global manufacturer and distributor of essential industrial components, has expanded into Vietnam with the opening of a new customer support partner, APAC Team.

The expansion will enable Essentra Components to better serve the growing network of customers already in Vietnam, as well as providing a broader service across the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

The move is primarily being driven by the burgeoning industrial electronics market, with major global manufacturers moving parts or even all their key electrical component production into Vietnam, including the fast-moving mobile phone sector.

Through the production of key components, Essentra will look to develop new and existing relationships with existing producers and those moving into the area from traditional territories.

Maynard Mckeagan Essentra Components Commercial Director said the opportunity to expand in to one of Asia’s fastest growing territories was too good to miss: “The Vietnamese electronics sector is going through a revitalisation, with many well-known manufactures identifying the country as a strategic location for future growth.

“This expansion will enable us to offer a level of support, consistent with that of other markets we operate within, meaning customers can rely on the same hassle-free service and product integrity in a new territory.”

As part of the move, Essentra Components will leverage its existing regional manufacturing sites to supply customers with a hassle-free, fast service that isn’t reliant on international distribution hubs.

Scott Fawcett, Essentra Components Managing Director said the expansion was essential for the continuing growth of the Asia Pacific market: “With more manufacturers moving into new territories as they look to diversify and become less reliant on one area, they need partners that can move with them and continue to offer the same level of service they’re accustomed to.

“Our move into Vietnam is a solution to that very problem and will give our customers the reassurance that service can continue without interruption, whilst being provided the level of service and support they expect."

Whilst the move is currently focused on serving and expanding the current customer base within the territory, Essentra Components expects the expansion to open doors to newer distribution partners and broaden its reach and accessibility to its product eco-system.


For further press information please contact:

Sam Wilson

Gravity Global

+44 (0) 7542 375 236

About Essentra Components

Essentra Components, part of Essentra Plc, is a market-leading global manufacturer and distributor of essential industrial components. Established in 1955, the business operates in 29 countries worldwide, with 14 manufacturing facilities, 34 distribution centres and 40 sales and service locations. Its wide range of 45,000 products serves more than 82,000 customers across a variety of applications in industries including equipment manufacturing, industrial electronics, fabrication, automotive and construction. For further information, please visit,

About Essentra Plc

Essentra Plc is a FTSE 250 company and a leading global provider of essential components and solutions. Organised into three global divisions, Essentra focuses on the light manufacture and distribution of high volume, enabling components which serve customers in a wide variety of end-markets and geographies. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Essentra's global network extends to 34 countries and includes 7,065 employees, 50 principal manufacturing facilities, 32 sales & distribution operations and 3 research & development centres. For further information, please visit

About APAC Team

APAC-Team is a trusted sales partner for many technology companies. They are a team of highly experienced professionals who help businesses to grow in Asia through an innovative shared resources model. Their outsourced sales capability helps a business ramp up rapidly through their robust sales network in the region. They have a combined sales experience of over 100 years in the APAC markets. This partnership minimises our risk from a cost, market access and learning curve point of view. For further information, please visit

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