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Will International Business Make Comeback?

Many SE Asian Governments seem ready for Vaccinated Business Travelers

APAC TEAM is a group of veteran sales guys based in Singapore, KL, Bangkok and Hanoi with successful sales experience all over Asia. Let APAC TEAM ( be “Your A-TEAM in ASIA.”

It seems daily that we are hearing new schemes to open SE Asian countries to business travelers. The rules and regulations are all over the map and each country looks for solutions that fit their individual situation, but they all seem to be pushing to open up to the business traveler. One common thread seems to be full vaccination requirements with little or no quarantine.

But will the international businessperson return to the “friendly skies?”

Some think YES but in smaller numbers and some are not so sure. Here are some of the reasons we have been hearing for a tepid return to travel:

· For some there remains health concerns

· It may be open to travel but it will be a “hassle” with testing, masks, restricted movement, etc.

· Companies that have done well during the pandemic may not be so willing to beef up the old travel budgets – A ton of money was saved and it went right to the bottom line

· Nothing beats a good old face-to-face meeting but Video Conferencing is quite convenient - Participation with one of our clients’ customer seems to attract better attendance on Video than it did in-person pre-pandemic!

The key for non-SE Asian based companies is “local feet on the street.” International travel to and within the region looks to be making a comeback but there will still be some hesitation to meeting foreign visitors. We have not found to be the case with local meetings as our teams have had no customer hesitation to meeting as long as the rules allowed.

APAC TEAM is here to help as we are local in most SE Asian markets and can quickly stand-in for companies that need presence. Don’t give up on your SE Asian business as the business is there even if you are not and your competition are not standing still.

Let APAC TEAM be your A-TEAM in ASIA as we will carry your CARD and close your DEALS.

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