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What Does this Chart Say to You???

Continued Travel Restrictions – not only International but Intra-Regional

APAC TEAM is a group of veteran sales folks based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam with successful sales experience all over Asia. Let APAC TEAM ( be “Your A-TEAM in ASIA.”

Supporting and building business in SE Asia has experienced a massive shift with the onset of COVID-19. Remember the “19” in COVID-19 was for the year 2019 and flash forward to 2021 and not much has changed when it comes to travel between SE Asian countries.

In a bid to stem the virus spread most all SE Asian countries imposed a mandatory quarantine period upon arrive for all travelers. This generally ranged from 2 to 3 weeks isolated in a hotel at the traveler’s cost. This condition made international business travel unfeasible. Trips were replaced with email, calls and video sessions as businesses around the globe struggled to keep their current business moving and hope to close new deals. If “feet on the street” were necessary to get the job done, companies that had no local presence were out of luck.

Many companies went into a “wait and see” mode and hoped that testing and vaccines would return the world “back to normal.” Clearly, the old normal looks far off and in the new normal you will need local resources. Even with changes to arrival restrictions the availability and affordability of flights is uncertain. Of course, most all CFO’s have re-looked at travel budgets and many are not predicting a snap back to pre-COVID levels.

APAC TEAM is here to help as a Singapore based and registered company, with local “feet on the street” in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. We are ready to carry your card, travel within markets you can’t reach and maintain and close deals.

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