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What a Difference a Year Makes

The Poster Child for COVID Containment in 2020 Doesn’t Look as Good in 2021

APAC TEAM is a group of veteran sales guys based in Singapore, KL, Bangkok and Hanoi with successful sales experience all over Asia. Let APAC TEAM ( be “Your A-TEAM in ASIA.”

When COVID-19 hit in early 2020 most all SE Asian countries were coping very well. Compared to infection, hospitalization and death rates in Europe and the US, SE Asia was often quoted as countries leading their way. Many chalked this up to experience with SARS in 2002, prevalence of masks and civil societies that would take direction from their governments.

Much of those gains have been lost in 2021 as infections have soared and with low vaccinations rates the old lockdown measures have been reimposed in many SE Asia markets. But even with limited mobility economic activity continues. The ADB (Asia Development Bank) has downgraded regional growth from 4.4% to 4%. But 4% economic growth = real opportunity.

The key for non-SE Asian based companies is “local feet on the street.” International travel to and within the region looks to be a ways off, well into 2022 at the earliest. That leaves companies with deals and opportunities out of the game. APAC TEAM is here to help as we are local in most SE Asian markets and can quickly stand-in for companies that need help. Don’t give up on your SE Asian business as the business is there even if you are not and your competition are not standing still.

Let APAC TEAM be your A-TEAM in ASIA as we will carry your CARD and close your DEALS.

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