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The COVID-19 Era, it Might be the Time to be DIFFERENT

APAC TEAM is a group of veteran sales guys based in Singapore, KL and Hanoi with successful sales experience all over Asia. Let APAC TEAM ( be “Your A-TEAM in ASIA.”

The global pandemic has much of the business world at a standstill as international travel is off the table and many countries are in full-on or partial lockdown. This poses huge challenges for international businesses large and small. If you had not established a local presence in your target markets prior to the pandemic – you will now face a wide variety of challenges.

Who will keep my existing deals going?

How will I provide support to my customers?

When will I be able to fly in executives to take care of routine issues?

How can I address new opportunities?

Can I keep my suppliers in line?

How would I evaluate new suppliers and conduct due diligence?


This is an unprecedented shift in the business environment and maybe as important, it came on very quickly. Also, there is great uncertainty as to when the situation will improve and go back to something close to “normal.” So, what to do?

Addressing these issues remotely is a good first start and many companies have already started this via Zoom calls and a greater emphasis on calls, emails and messaging. Over time this might not be enough as some tasks will require “feet on the street.”

APAC TEAM can help as we have local resources who stand ready to do whatever it takes. Travel within most SE Asian countries is a go while travel between is difficult or impossible so a local resource is a must.

A simple B2B contract with APAC TEAM will offer you a local team to run around and execute. Depending on your needs, APAC TEAM stands ready to offer you access to all SE Asian markets or just the ones needed at a cost that is likely to be much lower than your old “international travel budget.”

It is time to be DIFFERENT and let APAC TEAM be your A-TEAM in ASIA.

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