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Great Sales People Today = Subject Matter Experts

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

To Be GREAT Today Has Never Been Easier

Great Sales Team

APAC TEAM is a group of veteran sales guys based in Singapore, KL and Hanoi with successful sales experience all over Asia. Let APAC TEAM ( be “Your A-TEAM in ASIA.”

As B2B sales guys with many years of experience, we are asked now and then about what has changed in the sales game over the years. Most of the strategies and tactics are much the same but man are there new tools that can really make a difference if fully utilized. All great B2B sales people need to leverage the tools to become “consultants” who are subject matter “experts.”

Success in the B2B space has always been won by the sales folks who can help their customers solve complex problems whether that leads immediate sales or not. The ones that become that valued “expert” will win over time and win BIG.

Back in the day, establishing expertise was left to the sales meeting and in most cases multiple sales calls. There were a few sales people out there who had published books or magazine articles to assist in building credibility but publishing just 10 years ago was not easy and very much the exception.

Technology has changed the game as self-publishing is now cheap and easy. Getting ideas and thoughts into the market and in front of your customer has never been easier and necessary. No publishing deal needed as there are many sites that will facilitate self-publishing of articles and books. With a self-published book in hand this can become your “new business card” and establish credibility on a relevant topic or industry.

Success now means taking the TIME to create and publish. So, what are you waiting for?

APAC TEAM tries to put new content out consistently that will be of interest to our partners who are interested in Asia as we have been navigating in these waters for years and stand ready to help new entrants. Streamline your entry and growth in Asia by engaging with APAC TEAM’s revolutionary “contract sales” model. We carry your card and SELL you STUFF!!!

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