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Extending Sales into Asia

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

New & Lower Risk Ways to Assess & Enter the APAC Marketplace

AL Giebel is a veteran sales guy who has been a resident of Singapore for over 20 years. A Co-Founder of APAC TEAM ( – Your A-TEAM in ASIA.

Interesting opportunities exists for companies willing to enter the Asia Pacific (APAC) market but it is not always abundantly clear where or how to start. The region offers diverse choices of geography, population and needs. There are also very specific and different sets of issues that confront businesses in the diverse markets. Beyond language and culture, there are also differences in market maturity across the region from Japan and Korea in the north to India and Australia in the south. Even within Southeast Asia you will find great variances.

APAC TEAM (, a Singapore based and registered company, offers market and business development services that help companies navigate this diversity, identify real business opportunities and close deal. Helmed by business development professionals with over 20+ years of regional business development experience, APAC TEAM can quickly help companies find actionable opportunities as well as closing significant deals.

Why waste time and resources on a “do it yourself” program when APAC TEAM can accelerate your entry into the region by providing:

Rapid Entry

Getting your own people in place whether by moving folks out or hiring locally takes time. More time will be needed for these folks to become effective in such a large and diverse marketplace. APAC TEAM is based in the region and has been here for many years and is ready to go. A simple contract will get your business rolling.

The effectiveness of sending one of your own to the region can be very hard to assess. In many cases folks moving out to the region find they are not up to the task and have to be moved or replaced, this costs businesses time and money. Recruiting locally can be an equally difficult proposition as finding your key local guy is not easy. Once again time and money is lost.

APAC TEAM offers the opportunity to move very quickly in a partnering fashion with regional professionals with years of experience in Asia. We carry your card and close deals.

Grow with the PROS

APAC TEAM is led by regional business development professionals with over 20+ years of experience in Asia. Additionally, APAC TEAM is backed by a network spanning most all Asian cities that can be tapped on to bring on the ground capability. There are almost no Asian markets that APAC TEAM cannot support and does not have feet on the street.

APAC TEAM is structured to extend your sales by not just offering consulting services but by joining your sales team. This helps you to not only move fast but you get the services of a team of experienced sales executives ready to work toward actual sales. As the business grows, strategies will be worked up on how to scale your sales efforts and to assess whether and when to take over the capability directly.

Pay for only what you NEED

APAC TEAM can offer just the right amount of support with appropriate pricing. Early in the market entry process it is sometime difficult to see what markets are going to be the best fit and what the overall effort will be. APAC TEAM will build a program specifically for you and your needs. Over time that plan will be re-assessed and modified to fit your needs. There is no need to pay for underutilized resources or be caught flatfooted with inadequate resources.

Try before you Buy / Invest

Traditionally, companies have made large investments in legal presence and people to assess Asian market viability. In many cases companies have found that the product did not fit certain markets and in some cases companies have found themselves based in the wrong places with the wrong people.

APAC TEAM offers the opportunity to test and try before you buy / invest. You might be surprised as to where your product or service fits best in this highly diverse marketplace. In some cases cultural familiarity or unforeseen experiences could mean a better fit for certain products or services. This can only be discovered by local professionals introducing your product and service to a network of local feet on the street.

Fashion a Strategy for Growth / Easy Exit

Costly setup fees and local employees can hamper growth or require costly exit fees. By engaging with APAC TEAM, companies get a rapid start with the PROS and the flexibility to make changes as needed. The goal is for growth of business in the region, the trick is figuring out where and how. In the event that there is not a fit in Asia for your product or service it is nice to know that APAC TEAM can offer an easy, inexpensive exit.

A New Way to Go

APAC TEAM is revolutionizing entry into Asia. Extending your sales by contracting with APAC TEAM is a fast and easy way to start and minimized many of the pitfalls. APAC TEAM is ready to be your A-TEAM in Asia as WE KNOW ASIA.

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